Piedras y Princesas

Piedras & Princesas is the winery's Gourmet Crianza, although its aging in barrels can be considered almost that of a Reserva, due to its >14 months in barrels.

This wine is ready for consumption at the moment but will evolve positively in the next 10 to 15 years.


Variety: 100% Tinta de Toro

Vineyards: clonal selection vineyards Pago Valdecarretas

Vineyard age: 30 to 35 years

Average height of the vineyards: 725 m

Planting density/marks: 100% dryland trellis (1800-2200 vines/ha)



Manual harvest. Grape selection process both in the vineyard and at the entrance to the winery.

>14 months of aging in barrels: 70% French oak, 30% American oak.

Minimum sulfite content (25% of the permitted dose)

I work on aging to generate a good tannic structure (higher amount of tannins in Tinta de Toro), which will be responsible for protecting the wine throughout its evolution.

Experience with aging wines with more than 25 years.



The wine has a bright cherry red color with very attractive ruby ​​tones.

The nose is very pleasant, with notes of red and black seed fruits predominating, accompanied by more complex aromatic notes of spices and cloves.

Wine with high expression on the palate, once in the mouth it displays the softness and sweetness of its tannins accompanied by flavors of wild berries, especially blackberry and raspberry, combined with a certain spicy and mineral touch.

Very long and persistent wine that invites you to continue tasting it, it displays all the elegance and sauvity of Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo).

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