The Winery




Bodega VEGA SAÚCO is a family-owned winery that dates back to 1989. The family has been in the viticulture business for more than 35 years.

In 1991 Wences began marketing their red wines made with the "Tinta de Toro" variety. Since then sales increased and the seeds for one of the leading wineries of the Toro Region were sown.

In 1997 we opened up a new winery equipped with state of the art winemaking systems. Bodegas Vega Saúco mainly produces highest quality Crianza and Reserva wines.

In 2005 the winery was complemented with subsequent expansions and a new cellar which accomodates 1,000 new wine barrels.

The results are quality wines that are contrasted and backed by their continually increasing market share and loyal clientele as well as for their prestigious national and awards and commendations in major international wine-tastings and competitions.





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