VS La Sonrisa del Nómada







Wences Gil is one of the most experienced winemakers of Spain. During his youth he decided to explore different wine regions to gain knowledge and after years of harvesting experience, he arrived at Toro and discovered that that is where he wanted to start his personal and professional project.


This wine is made with grapes from old vineyards, planted as ungrafted vines, the first that Wences saw on arrival and the ones that made him fall in love with Toro.  These vineyards give character, a great personality and make this a modern wine made for enjoyment.


This wine does credit to that time in a person's life, when he realises he is where he wants to be, doing what he wants to do, the time when that smile shines on his face, the same smile we hope will appear with this wine.



Variety: Tempranillo (Tinta de Toro)


Vineyard: hundred-year-old ungrafted bush vines


Yield/ha .: 4000 kg/ha


Soil: poor soils, sandstone covered with river stones. Clay 1.5 metres deep that helps retain moisture as irrigation is not allowed in  Toro, which gives the wine a greater quantity of aromas and flavours


Vintage: 2015


Harvest: by hand, in mid-September


Aging:minimum 4 months in French oak barrels


Appearance: Cherry red with hints of violet


Nose: red fruit, forest fruits and spice notes.


Palate: Fruity, elegant, with good density on the palate, long and velvety.


Serving temperature: between 14 and 18 °C


Best consumed: in the next 5 years


Food pairing: meats, cheeses, rice, pasta and coldwater fish.

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